Guidelines for Submitting Art Files

Download the PDF: Guidelines for Submitting Art Files

1. All provided artwork needs to be Print-Ready.

2. Print Ready is described as:

  • Artwork placed into provided templates at full size.
  • Fonts must be outlined or embedded into artwork or included separately.
  • Resolution of raster images must be 300dpi (dots per inch) at full size.
  • No text smaller than 4 points.
  • Strokes must be a minimum of 1 point.

3. File Format

  • Preference is PDF, saved High Quality 1.4 or higher.
    • When NOT using PDF file format, color transforms in gradients will NOT be accurate.
    • Saving a PDF 1.3 or lower does not honor transparencies.
  • This file format is the best file format when using PANTONE®.
  • .Ai, .tiff, or .eps are accepted, but not recommended.

4. Pantone+ Solid Coated is the standard Adobe Color Book used at National Sublimation.

  • Spot colors should be specifically identified.
  • If you have an alternate Adobe Color Book, you will need to notify National Sublimation before submitting the artwork.

5. Rich Black

  • To get the best black, use Pantone+ Solid Coated black.
    • Black 6C is a good, rich black.
  • A 100% fill of black (or 100% K) does NOT give a rick black.

6. Color Modes

  • RGB
    • Note: If you have a true RGB file, you may leave the file RGB.
  • CMYK
  • Pantone+ Solid Coated
  • For best results when using Grayscale images, convert the images to GRACoL in Adobe Photoshop.

7. Correction Fees for Artwork that is NOT Print-Ready

  • $75.00 hourly fee to correct artwork that is NOT Print-Ready.
  • One Hour minimum